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Company Profile

From The Start

2006 was the year Hearth & Home Candle Company was thought of. Every candle product at Hearth & Home Candle Company is hand poured and hand crafted by one of our top candle makers. Only using true to life scents, quality paraffin wax and wicks, give our candles an excellent aroma and burn time with every product we offer at Hearth & Home Candle Company.

Premium Scented Candles

Hearth & Home Candle Company has become one of the most recognized names in the candle business, and one of the best-selling candle brands by providing the best true to life candle scents as well as the best quality of paraffin based wax in every Hearth & Home candle that is handmade and poured by the Hearth & Home Candle Company.

Today, with over 219 true to life scents, we offer one of the world’s largest and most popular selections of candles. In addition to our candle line of scents, we also provide a wide range of seasonal and specialty scented candles.

Our candles are made by master candlers (candle makers) in our manufacturing facilities in California. We sell our candles through growing nation-wide based companies and retail stores. We also have a growing catalog and online business, and an expanding wholesale customer network. Today Hearth & Home Candle Company’s future is growing and looking for new growth and expanding opportunities as we continue to write new chapters in this true American Dream.