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We are one of the largest specialty companies of premium scented candles in the United States. We offer a fine assortment of highly scented home fragrance and true to life scent candle products for your home décor.

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Partner with us to increase traffic, enjoy more profits and be supported by a dedicated team. We will provide you with a large assortment of product that is on target for your customers. Hearth & Home Candle Company will be with you every step of the way, to make our partnership a success.

Carrying Hearth & Home candles allows you to inspire your customers by providing them with a way to enjoy the special feeling of home that fragranced candles give out whether for home, that special someone, a special occasion/get together, or for that Holiday tradition.

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We continually stay ahead of the candle industry to keep a step ahead with your customers candle décor needs and emerging trends in the marketplace. What remains constant is the quality inside our candles and fragrances that matches our industry leading standards.

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